Amber Stars 'N' Stripes


Lalaloopsy Full Size Doll

Sewn on

September 8th (Pledge of Allegiance Day)

Sewn from

American Flag



Amber Stars 'N' Stripes is a Lalaloopsy based off of the American flag.

Her birthday is September 8 (Pledge of Allegiance day) and was sewn from an American flag.


Amber is an American lalaloopsy who enjoys learning about American history, with Bea's help, of course. She loves vanilla ice cream.


Amber is a dark-skinned Lalaloopsy with freckles. Her hair is red and pulled back into pigtails with blue and white flowers. She has a white dress with a blue sash and stars on the skirt. Underneath her skirt there is red and blue tulle. She wears red and white leggings, and red shoes with white socks covered with blue stars.


Amber's pet is a butterfly with wings that are covered in stars and stripes.


Amber's home is blue and covered with white stars, and the roof is red and white striped.


  • Her love of Vanilla ice cream is because ice cream was served to the immigrants when they got to Ellis Island, and the favorite ice cream flavor in America is vanilla.
  • She is a serious recolor of Blossom.