The dolls learn a lesson in blaming; Bridgette pretends to be a lawyer.


Bridgette comes in, dressed as a laywer 

Bridgette: I've always wanted to be a lawyer. If I were a lawyer, I could sue the meanies that I meet and send them to jail. Today, I'm gonna argue Hilary's face out! Then she won't blame me for breaking the window at baseball practice!

Then she walks out the door

Spot: Lalalalalala.. *paints a picture*

At Jewel's house

Jewel: Now to enter this portrait into the contest, Whoops! *trips onto the paints*

Oh no! Everyone will think I did this...uh, I'll say Spot did it!

Jewel then runs to Spots house on the other side of Lalaloopsy Land

Jewel: Supotto-chan! You ruined my tiara case!

Spot: No I didn't, Hoseki-san, I dont even remember being at your house ever since the Button Harvest Festival!



Bridgette: And that's my lecture about arguing. *takes a bow*

Hilary: Lawyers are stupid, and anything you come up with, it's so totally stupid.

Bridgette: Ah, whatever.


Spot: *sulks by her canvas*

Jewel: Maybe I did hurt Spot's feelings...I'd better apologize to her. Spot, I have something to say to you. I'm really sorry for...


Peanut, Crumbs, Bea, Dot, Pillow: GET HER!

Jewel: AHHHHH!

Spot: I never saw Jewel destroy Mittens' igloo!

All: What?!

Bridgette: What's going on here?

Jewel: My friends are mad at me because I ruined their stuff and blamed the messes on them! 

Bridgette: Is that so? 

Jewel: Yes! What am I gonna do? 

Bridgette: Jewel, you need to apologize to your friends. 

Jewel: Do you think that will help? 

Bridgette: Yes, it will, and you need to be sincere about your apology. 

Jewel: Okay. You're right. I will. 

Jewel: (to friends) I'm so sorry, everyone. 

All: It's okay, Jewel.

Spot: You're still our friend.

Jewel: I am?

Spot: Yes, you are, but please don't ever mess up our stuff again. 

Jewel: I promise I won't!


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