Toffee: Wow, this must be a new note! Wait, it doesn't have a name. Who could it be from? 
A Token of Friendship

Jewel: I don't think it was from me. 

Toffee: But, you're still a good friend. 

Peanut: Sorry, Toffee, I didn't send the note!

Tippy: I didn't send the note, either. 

Dot: I don't think I sent the note.

Sunny: Wasn't me. 

Toffee: This note has to be from someone who's a special friend. I've tried to ask different friends that I know, but none of them sent the note. If none of the Lalaloopsies I've asked sent the note, who did? 

Scraps: It was me, Toffee. I sent the note. 

Toffee: You did? 

Scraps: Yeah, and it wasn't for you. It was for Suzette.

Toffee: Oh my! I think I forgot to read the address. Here, Scraps. You can have your note. Please give it to Suzette.

Scraps goes over to Suzette and gives her the note. 

Scraps: Here's a note for you, Suz. 

Suzette: Aww, thank you! Happy Valentine's Day, Scraps!

Scraps: You, too!

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