A Sincere apology
Season 3, Episode 2
An apology title card
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It's a Crazy Life
A Present for Mango


In this episode, Abby unintentionally hurts some of her friends' feelings.


Bea's estranged twin sister, Abby writes-a-lot, moves into town and begins to attend the Lalaloopsies' school. The thing about Abby is she wants to be an author or a writer on a TV show someday, and sometimes she tends to be overzealous about it. Almost all the time, she can be seen writing in her journal, making a new story. Another thing about Abby is she is a bit of a worrywart- when she first started going to the school, she was scared and made weird assumptions based on cliches she had seen in movies, TV shows, and books, though the assumptions she made weren't true.

Abby thinks the school setting and cast of diverse students would be perfect for her next story, so she began to write her stories in her journal. This would be her next published book. The story was about Abby and her friends having normal adventures and encounters at school. Since she tends to be overzealous about her writing and quick to make assumptions, she judged some people she didn't know about what she had seen or what others had said


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